We often get asked a lot of the same questions and have tried to compile them here to help our customers and potential clients.

Question: "I have a tree in my yard, can you do anything with it?"

Epilogue Woods: We love it when customers come to us with a tree that needs to come down, but they don't want to send it to the wood-chipper. It takes time (depending on methods, as much as a year or more) to produce something this way because the wood needs to be sawn and dried, but we encourage customers to save their trees to create furniture that has a story that can be passed down for generations. We can help coordinate the removal of the tree and the subsequent work to get it ready for an Epilogue Woods project.

Question: "What is so special about your company?"

Epilogue Woods: What sets us apart from the bulk of our competition is that we strive to produce sustainable furniture at an affordable price, that doesn't LOOK sustainable. A lot of the wood that we use, we source ourselves from dead trees. We use a solar kiln (that we built our selves) to speed up the time it takes to prepare the wood for furniture use, and we use low VOC organic finishes wherever appropriate. All this to say, we build beautiful furniture that is easy on the eyes...and the earth!

Question: "How long does it take to build custom?"

Epilogue Woods: Depending on the project, we can have something built in 8 weeks or less. If it will take longer than that, we'll let you know ahead of time.

Question: "I like this piece from [Insert Furniture Company Here], but I wish that it was a different size or a different color, can you help me?"

Epilogue Woods: We hear this all the time, and we can help! Do you want a dining table that you saw from Restauration Hardware, but smaller? No problem! You like the look of this TV stand from Design Within Reach but want a light wood rather than a dark one? Consider it done!

Question: "I'm on a budget, aren't you expensive?"

Epilogue Woods: We pride ourselves on our ability to work within our client's budgets; no matter the size! We're able to make recommendations on how to tweak a project to come in at a particular price-point without compromises.

Question: "I'm looking for some built-ins, is that something that you do?"

Epilogue Woods: We're not just furniture makers. We have built out countertops, vanities, butcher blocks, objets-d'art, cabinetry, doors, and much much more.